4 essential Dental clinic Design

The top performing dental practices balances two things: Form and Function. There are four essential categories that needs to be incorporated to properly balance form & function.

  1. Attractive
  2. Efficient
  3. Profitable
  4. Enabling

1. Attractive- Form really matters! Patients rarely realize the quality of your occlusal carving but they do soak in if the design of your office looks like it belongs in the 80’s.  Too many doctors have taken this lightly & failed to reached their full potential only to find out the patients will not remain a long-term patient nor refer other patients because your practice image conficts with the quality of dentistry. Remember, Patient only rate you based on what they know. And now, with all the shows that emphasizes on floor plan design, magazines, people are very in tune with an attractive design. Incorporate an attractive design for your practice and your rewards will surpass your imagination.

2. Efficient & Profitable- What if you were told your future profit potential was correlated with the design of your facility. ITS VERY TRUE!


Our integrated team at Maxx Builders & Maxx Designers make sure we find the strongest intersection of Form and Function taking place in Efficiency & Profitability.

Patients will see the stunning dental practice design. They will be impressed with the look and be wowed by your sense of modern design and care. Few will know the precision and detail that went into the design of your facility. The ceilings will be an attractive height, the building will be accessible to wheel chair as per code, your treatment room will have an open spacious feel, the sterilization center will be positioned with precision for best efficiency.