Gas Station Construction & Design 101

Gas Stations require  very in-depth strategic planning during design phase to capitalize and achieve a profitable return on investment. Below are few critical steps in achieving efficiency in your land usage when designing & building your gas station.

1. Check local & state municipal restrictions: Most cities has a prohibition of alcohol sales 300 feet within public or private schools, public hospitals, day-care facilities. Click here to see TABC regulations for more in-depth understanding of these restrictions. This should be the first step of inquiry before purchasing land for gas station development. 

2.Get a Feasibility Study Done: A feasibility study is a three year store sales and fuel projections based on detailed specific data. It is a vital analysis for bank loan process and will provide you with a financial picture of your store. A schematic design must be done for analysis.

3. Create a brand w/ exterior elevation:  Exterior elevation design is the most important element in a gas station design. It must be carefully planned based on your vision. It must display your brands identity that is attractive to the prospective customers.

4. Design a efficient on-site circulation:  Site plan design will need to be engineered efficiently that utilizes the land usage effectively, has an ease of traffic flow and meets city requirements.

5: Create an open interior layout:  Space planning will play a major role in the store sales. It must create an open layout that incorporates product placement, architectural elements, and ease of flow for maximum sale per customer.

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